Dirtiest Little Slut

During a shooting trip to London, England, in mid-2003, director-producer-actresses Jewel De'Nyle saved the big-gest scene of her movie, Wild on Sex #2, for herself. She hired four young guys to fuck her mouth, her pussy and her ass, mostly at the same time. I wanted that scene to build up to where I was doing all four guys at once, Jewel says now. We were trying all kinds of acrobatic positions because I wanted two cocks in my ass, one cock in my pussy and the fourth guy in my mouth a QP! A quadruple penetration. But we couldn't maneuver everybody into the right place. If two guys were inside my ass, there just wasn't any way for a third guy to get close enough to put his cock in my pussy. It might be physically impossible, I don't know. We came close, but we just couldn't pull it off.

And even if we had, she adds with a laugh, I don't think the camera could have gotten close enough to shoot it!

Still, Jewel isn't giving up. I've got people working on it. I mean, it's like a puzzle where you try to make all the pieces fit. Someday there's gonna be a QP, and when it happens, I want to be the one shooting it.

Or better yet, doing it. You know, having it done to me.

Most videos are directed by actors these days, especially in the low-budget gonzo field, where combining the crew and the cast can cut expenses by at least 30%, and up to twice that if you fly to another country. And despite the fact that many critics complain about porno actors too often being terrible directors, Jewel defends the practice. Hey, we're the ones getting into those weird fucking positions and having sex, and we know how we want to be shot, so it's reasonable that we would be the best ones to direct our own videos, right?

Ultimately that depends on the talent and the ego of the person behind the camera. Some actors forget who they're making their videos for, so they focus more on themselves and their male buddies instead of on the girls they're fucking. But Jewel claims, on the positive side, that actors are the ones who have made modern smut what it is today: dirtier than ever. When I see videos from ten, fifteen years ago, she says, they look pretty dull to me. Very little anal, no double penetrations, no ATMs, no spitting in the girl's butt, no throat fucking, no coming in the girl's mouth, no gargling or swapping cum. I mean, wake me up, please, I'm falling asleep!

In short, gonzo porno is raw, filthy, gross, sloppy, sweaty and outrageous. It's made for guys. By guys. And Jewel De'Nyle considers herself not only one of the guys, but the dirtiest of them all. I'm ready to go as far as the distributors are willing to go, she says. I want to go as far as the law will allow. I want to push the envelope. I'm the dirtiest little slut in this whole fucking business, Dobbs and I'm proud of it, too, dammit!

The girl who's telling me this at Platinum X Pictures' Canoga Park office does not look like the queen of gonzo, nor does she give any clues why she wants to be the dirtiest little slut in porno. When she's just being herself off the set, Jewel is a tiny (5' 2, 110 lbs soaking wet, 34-22-32) Italian-American girl who wears glasses and floppy sweaters. If you saw her out on the street, you wouldn't know that she's been a top adult star since she appeared in her first movie, Electric Sex, almost six years ago, in 1998.

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dirtiest little slut

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