Heavy Suck

The words Please don't bite me! blaze in neon letters in my mind as Demi Marx, a 19-year-old cutie with big, Baba-Booey buck teeth, wraps her lips around my cock and goes immediately into heavy suck mode. It doesn't take the toothy tart long to get my nads hopping around like numbered ping-pong balls in a bingo caller's basket. I pull out just in time to fire several loads of jizz straight into her open mouth. Then, according to the orders she had been given earlier, Demi turns her face directly to the video camera to show my milky DNA trapped on the top of her tongue. Dutifully she swallows it and opens wide to show that my love gunk has gone down her throat. She has swallowed my pride.

She's been swallowing a lot of pride today. The moment after my cum disappears into her digestive system, another guy steps into the breach and fires several shots of cream into her mouth.

Demi will eat seven loads of cum before her day is over. Some of it she spoons with her fingers off her face and chest into her mouth. At least one pool of pud juice she licks up off the carpet.

No doubt about it, Demi Marx is a trouper. She's come to eat sperm, to get a little of her daily protein requirement, and she's done well enough to earn applause from the half-dozen nude or near-nude guys standing around, including me.

What an assignment. It came about because of my article on Brandon Iron's Swallow My Pride series (Red Light District) in the August 2003 VELVET. The title says it all: Girls eat cum. They take cumshots in the mouth, open wide so the camera can see the shiny pool inside, then swallow it all down like fine wine. The first volume, Swallow My Pride, a modest 2002 video, simply matched up each of the girls Fiona Cheeks, Cameron, Julie Night, Babydoll, Melanie Jagger and Drew Allen with one guy apiece. Then came Swallow My Pride #2 in mid-2003, featuring six girls Gala Cruz, Renee Pornero, Jamie Woods, Jasmine Lynn, Angel Long and Ashley Moore getting blowbanged by half a dozen guys each. (Jamie and Ashley worked as a team.) In each scene the girls sucked off the guys until one by one the ball sacs were drained and emptied into their mouths. A couple of girls, including Gala and Renee, even got DP'd.

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Heavy Suck

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